Saturday, September 26, 2009

Staff Retreat and Juarez Build

Monday through Wednesday of this week, Mikell and I, along with the Casas staff and their families, will be going on a staff retreat. This is a time for the staff to brainstorm, reconnect, rest, talk and regroup. Please pray that this time would be very productive and would build community amongst each other. Other than Mikell and me coming out here in July, another family, the Skarlatos, have also joined the CpC team. Pray that this retreat will refresh the staff and that they would come home from this more unified than before (if that's even possible!! haha)

Also, the week following the retreat Mikell and I are going into Juarez with a team from Grapevine, TX to build. Please pray for the preparation of this build from both the team and the family that is to receive the house.


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